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We are an options trading advisory, providing credit-spread signals on major indices and equities.  Our track record shows consistently outstanding returns, and a ~95% success rate in picking winners.  Our trade signals are easy to follow and execute with today’s leading brokerages, perfect for those who are new to options and veteran traders alike.
Join us in trading index and equity options…
  • to generate substantial monthly income.
  • to diversify away from the stock market.
  • to generate returns in up, down, and sideways markets.
  • to participate in a leveraged trading approach that can significantly outperform the market.
  • to learn about options trading and the benefits to your portfolio.

We specialize in…

Proven strategies

We use proven strategies, like credit spread trading, to deliver returns, then protect our results with hard-learned risk-management techniques.

Technical rigor

By applying a propriety set of analyses, we gain a mathematical edge on the market…
and on the competition.

Fundamental insight

We monitor the market, assessing direction and movement, determining not just when to trade, but also when not to trade.

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Member benefits

Active subscribers receive...

  • Full access to our trade signals via email and the members-only area of the website
  • Active position management through follow-up alerts, based on market conditions
  • Autotrading with participating brokers
  • Locked in subscription fee

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